Citrix SD-WAN – part 2

In this blog I will describe how to setup and configure BGP between Citrix SD-WAN appliance and rest of the network infrastructure when deploying Citrix SD-WAN in gateway deployment. Also I am going to show how to create custom rule to match specific flow and steer such traffic over virtual path

I am going to use below topology to setup BGP for SD-WAN in in-line deployment and test some its functionalities.

Let’s configure BGP at DC site first, for Branch side process will be exactly the same. To configure dynamic BGP peering go to Configuration->Connections->BGP enable BGP process, provide BGP router-id and AS number. Make sure that Advertise Citrix SD-WAN Routes option is tick, otherwise routes which are learned on the Citrix appliance won’t be advertised to other BGP peers.

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