Arista – BGP EVPN virtual L4-L7 service insertion.

In this blog I am going to show you how to provide L4-L7 service insertion within BGP EVPN fabric especially using eBGP between appliance and leaf pair switches. The challenge with L4-L7 service insertion is that such appliance can be deployed as virtual machine and could be easily migrated (vMotion) at any point across different ESX hosts connected to different leaf switches. That’s often seen in multi tenant environments where end customers are not big enough and they don’t need powerful physical appliance to provide L4-L7 service. If this is a case and there is a business requirement to engaged dynamic routing protocol between fabric and appliance, you must be sure that after migration of the appliance it can re-establish adjacency fast enough to minimize business impact.

Below is a network diagram which I am going to use to show configuration steps and some design consideration to achieve end-to-end connectivity for such design requirements.

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LISP (Locator/ID Separation Protocol) – Part II PxTR

In previous blog I described basics functional keys of the LISP and how it works for LISP-to-LISP site communication. In this part I am going to focus on how to interconnect LISP site to non LISP site. There is a challenge to provide communication between LISP and no LISP sites because they have completely separate database of connectivity information and use different control plane protocols. The whole idea behind the LISP is a separation of EID and RLOC so using any redistribution mechanism between LISP and non LISP site would contradict the entire purpose of LISP, which is locator and identifier separation.

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