In this post I will go through the BGP EVPN + VXLAN for Data Center Interconnect with Arista switches. VXLAN provides the ability to decouple and abstract the logical topology by using MAC in IP encapsulation, from the physical underlay network. The VXLAN is describes in the RFC 7348 where you can read more about this technology. The initial VXLAN standard describe a multicast flood-and -learn for the overlay broadcast, unknown unicast and multicast traffic. Such flooding introduces some scalability concerns and to overcome the limitation of the flood-and-learn VXLAN the BGP EVPN can be used as the control-plane for VXLAN. The BGP EVPN has been define as the standard control-plane in the RFC 7432 for VXLAN overlays. The MP-BGP EVPN control-plane provides VTEP peer discovery and end-host reachability information across the fabric. In addition MP-BGP EVPN inherits multitenancy supports with VRF construct.

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